Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the beginning...

Starting in the beginning.....
Abbie A. Childers, originally named Absamol Abbie Childers, was born to Nora Ethel Pippen and William Childers. He was the fifth son of seven, which included James, Howard, Raleigh, Cecil, Abbie, Ernest, and Lee. More about them later.

Retta Mae Horton, 2nd Child, first Daughter to Mary Ellen Stipp and Henry Horton. Her siblings include Tom, Retta, Juanita, Leo, Mary Ruth, and Leslie. More about them later.

Abbie and Retta had 13 dates before he ever kissed her. They were at what we would call a concert, where Eddie Arnold was performing. He is one of my favorites to this day. He was singing "Molly Darling", when he kissed her.

On Saturday, Jan 30, Shawn and I were with Dad and Mom at Cracker Barrel in Champaign. We bought an Eddie Arnold CD. Shawn put it in the player and we all crooned to "Cattle Call", "I'm Sending You A Big Bouquet of Roses", and "Make the World Go Away". It was not too bad. Daddy has a really good voice. It should have been tapped a long time ago.

We discussed who they dated before each other. Dad's girlfriend was "Boot", (AnnaBelle) from Virginia. He never called her when he moved back to Virginia. I asked him if he broke her heart. His reply, "Yes, I think I probably did". No doubt.

Mom dated two others, one that went to the service, she wasn't too crazy about and another one that died when she was about 31 or so from a fire when he was refilling his gas in his running tractor.

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  1. YAY!!!

    Jona, I just found this tonight. So excited for another blogger buddy to follow!

    We're becoming quite the little group, you know. :-)

    I, for one, would love to know more about the life of your parents....I can't think of better examples of godly people to follow the footsteps of! Can't wait to read more.